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Written by Stee J   
Monday, 09 July 2012 13:01

Hey people, thanks for stopping by.  We're in the midst of producing a new set of tunes.  Maybe you've heard Apparition already on the radio, or heard some of the other new tracks live in session.  From your comments (and very nice they are too, thanks) we know those tracks have whet your appetite for more and you're eager to know when they'll all be finished and ready to hear. ...please bear with us. :)

It's been quite an exciting time for us since we started working on the new tunes, and not just with the tunes themselves.  We've had some pretty major life changing events happen or be in the process of happening (don't worry - mostly nice things - although we're in danger of getting all grown up). It has meant things getting drawn out a bit, but we hope once it's all done you'll agree it's been worth the wait!

As you'll know if you've been following us, we broke off from gigging a while back to get the new tunes finished off and tight.  A monster weekend followed where we slammed the tunes down live, hoping to capture that raw vibe.  More subtle stuff like vocals doesn't come out too well when you're next door to someone knocking ten bells out of a drum kit, so we've some vocals to overlay and to get on with the mixing, letting Shane sprinkle a dusting of his production magic.  Unfortunately it's not a ten minute task and with studio time at a premium time has rolled on a bit.  We intend previewing some of those tracks for your aural pleasure on here, and whilst you're waiting feast your ears on the tunes from Last Days & Nights.